About Us

Ken Kemp

I began playing pinball when my grandpa would take me to get a burger at the local store. I still remember playing Spirit of 76 and Freedom there. I fell in love with pinball again in college by playing games like Cyclone, Elvira and Funhouse.

I’m a school principal in a small town now and pinball is a way to get back to my roots and relax. I joined the Texas Pinball Team in 2007 with the intention of growing the pinball tournaments. Every year, this event gets bigger and requires more volunteers and machines. But, as an avid player, I love the friendly competition and atmosphere.

Contact: ken AT pinballrebel.com
Website: pinballrebel.com

Paul McKinney

Got started in the 70’s. I used to save my lawn mowing money and ride my bike (candy apple green with banana seat and sissy bar) to the local 7-11 to play Joker Poker. At the time you had to be 18, but the counter clerk let us play anyway.

My favorites are almost anything that needs saving, love great art-Pins and Neon. I have owned from a 1932 World Series through some new Sterns, but I think my favorites are CFTBL, IJ and MB, great colors and play.

Ed VanderVeen

I began collecting and restoring arcade video games in 1999. I joined the Texas Pinball Festival team in 2003 to run the video game tournaments. It was at the TPF where I found my passion for pinball beginning with my first, a Gottlieb “The Amazing Spider-Man”. I’m married to fellow organizer (and better pinball player) Kim VanderVeen.

Favorite pins: Monster Bash and Stern Spider-Man

Website: http://www.edslastresort.com
Contact: evander685 AT yahoo.com

Kim VanderVeen

I married into pinball and love it (and my hubby)! I helped out with the show as a favor to Ed in the beginning, and eventually became an organizer myself.

I’m a coupon queen in my spare time.

Favorite pins: Lord of the Rings and Monster Bash… Sorry. AC/DC has moved into this category.

Contact: kim AT texaspinball.com

Past Organizers

This show wouldn’t be what it is without the vision and dedication shown by its past organizers: Jeff Ball, Dan Ferguson, Chris Munson, Greg Riddel, Tillman Strahan, Bob Herbison, Mike Johnstone, Shannon Smith, Eric Debrecht and Craig Hassell.

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