Game Line-Up

A big THANK YOU! to the members of the pinball community who sign up to bring their games to the show for everyone to enjoy! If you’ve got one (or three) at home and would like to share it with us, and get in FREE to boot, find out how to become an Exhibitor.

UPDATED: January 31, 2015

Pinball Machines

Year Manufacturer Title Exhibitor
1962 Williams 4 Roses Dennis Blankenship
2012 Stern AC/DC Ed VanderVeen
1933 Bally Airway Jeff Frick
2014 Spooky Pinball America’s Most Haunted Spooky Pinball
1995 Bally Attack from Mars Ed VanderVeen
2001 Stern Austin Powers Patrick Danis
1989 Williams Bad Cats Big Time Pinball
1988 Williams Banzai Run Christopher Sockrider / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1995 Sega Baywatch Elevation Games
1987 Williams Big Guns The Pinballers
1980 Williams Black Knight Hubert Lee Smith Jr.
1980 Williams Black Knight Eugene Marsh – 1984/QCP/OPS
1989 Williams Black Knight 2000 The Pinballers
1992 Bally Black Rose Mike Loeckle
2007 Stern Black Spider-Man Fun! Auction Company
1980 Gottlieb Buck Rogers Austin Knight
1981 Bally Centaur Elevation Games
1977 Gottlieb Centigrade 37 Kenny Too
1952 Gottlieb Chinatown Bob Herbison
1948 Gottlieb Cinderella Jeff Frick
1995 Williams Congo Josh & Jennifer Tidmore
1994 Williams Corvette Oldies But Goodies
1979 Gottlieb Count-Down Stephen Brown
1965 Gottlieb CowPoke Kenny Too
1992 Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon Big Time Pinball
1991 Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon Big Time Pinball
1992 Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon The Pinballers
1994 Williams Demolition Man Elevation Games
1994 Williams Demolition man Oldies But Goodies
1956 Gottlieb Derby Day Brandon btw75
1954 Gottlieb Diamond Lill Bob Herbison
1995 Williams Dirty Harry Panther Pinball
1992 Bally Doctor Who Fun! Auction Company
1979 Bally Dolly Parton C. Lindsey / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1978 Gottlieb Dragon SS Kevin Moore
1989 Williams Earthshaker Shaun Kelley
1984 Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Shawn Farwell
2007 Stern Family Guy Josh Lee
1961 Gottlieb Flipper Fair Dallas Makerspace VECTOR Committee
1995 Gottlieb Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Ron Pennington – 1984/QCP/OPS
1990 Williams FunHouse Eric Stenberg
1980 Stern Galaxy Paul McKinney
1991 Bally Gilligan’s Island Jim Burrill
1979 Williams Gorgar Elevation Games
1973 Williams Gulfstream Ken McCann
1994 Data East Guns N’ Roses Panther Pinball
1999 Sega Harley Davidson Oldies But Goodies
1986 Williams High Speed Marc Davis / DFW Pinball & Arcade Club
1986 Williams High Speed Ed VanderVeen
1986 Williams High Speed Elevation Games
1972 Williams Honey C. Lindsey / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1991 Williams Hurricane Elevation Games
2013 Custom HyperPin 2125 Billy Roadifer
1994 Sega Independence Day Jared Parker
1993 Williams Indiana Jones Elevation Games
1993 Williams Indiana Jones Julius Zsohar
1993 Williams Indiana Jones Darren Kammer
1993 Williams Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Oldies But Goodies
1995 Williams Jack-Bot Josh & Jennifer Tidmore
1978 Gottlieb Joker Poker Jeff Frick
1993 Baly Judge Dredd Elevation Games
1993 Data East Jurassic Park Ron Pennington – 1984/QCP/OPS
1965 Gottlieb Kings & Queens Kenny Too
1978 Bally KISS Kevin Moore
1993 Data East Last Action Hero Cary Hardy
1992 Data East Lethal Weapon 3 Panther Pinball
1992 Data East Lethal Weapon 3 C. Lindsey / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1992 Data East Lethal Weapon 3 Austin Knight
2014 Multimorphic Lexy Lightspeed Multimorphic
2014 Multimorphic Lexy Lightspeed Multimorphic
1997 Williams Medieval Madness Christopher Sockrider / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
2014 PPS Medieval Madness Remake Planetary Pinball
2014 PPS Medieval Madness Remake Planetary Pinball
1981 Bally Medusa Elevation Games
2013 Stern Metallica Josh & Jennifer Tidmore
1979 Stern Meteor Austin Knight
2001 Stern Monopoly Jim Burrill
2001 Stern Monopoly Oldies But Goodies
1989 Bally Mousin’ Around! Eugene Marsh – 1984/QCP/OPS
2005 Stern NASCAR Elevation Games
1997 Bally NBA Fastbreak Ed VanderVeen
1997 Williams No Good Gofers Aaron Pennington – 1984/QCP/OPS
1964 Gottlieb North Star Daniel Lazarus / DFW Pinball and Arcade Club
1978 Stern Nugent Elevation Games
1979 Bally Paragon Brandon Pennington – 1984/QCP/OPS
1990 Data East Phantom of the Opera Fun! Auction Company
1986 Williams Pin*Bot Matthew Jeannet / DFW Pinball and Arcade Club
2006 Stern Pirates of the Caribbean Fun! Auction Company
1989 Data East Playboy 35th Anniversary Fun! Auction Company
1973 Gottlieb Pro Pool John Beerhalter
1959 Gottlieb Queen of Diamonds Bob Herbison
1994 Williams Red and Ted’s Roadshow The Pinballers
1999 Bally Revenge from Mars Jim Burrill
1999 Midway Revenge From Mars Trey Gilliam
1999 Bally Revenge From Mars Ross Viguet / DFW Pinball and Arcade Club
1999 Bally Revenge from Mars Fun! Auction Company
2002 Stern RollerCoaster Tycoon Paul McKinney
1996 Bally Safe Cracker Elevation Games
1996 Bally Scared Stiff Elevation Games
2000 Stern Sharkey’s Shootout Greg Sones
1949 Gottlieb Sharpshooter Brian Davis
1991 Williams Slugfest Darren Kammer
2005 Stern Sopranos Sam Hall
1999 Sega South Park Elevation Games
1980 Bally Space Invaders Jim Burrill
1979 Bally Space Invaders Shawn Farwell
2007 Stern Spider-Man Elevation Games
1980 Stern Star Gazer Kevin Moore
2013 Stern Star Trek Sam Hall
2013 Stern Star Trek Richard Glatter
1979 Bally Star Trek Zitt
2013 Stern Star Trek LE Zitt
1991 Data East Star Trek: 25th Zitt
2014 Pinball-Mods Star Trek: The Mirror Universe Melissa
1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation Josh & Jennifer Tidmore
1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation Oldies But Goodies
1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation C. Lindsey / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation Zitt
1993 Williams Star Trek: The Next Generation Fun! Auction Company
1997 Sega Star Wars Trilogy Oldies But Goodies
1995 Gottlieb Stargate Brian Foytik
1997 Sega Starship Troopers Elevation Games
1977 Sonic Super Straight (Acrylic) Shawn Farwell
1967 Gottlieb Surf Side Dallas Makerspace VECTOR Committee
1963 Gottlieb Sweet Hearts Kenny Too
1988 Williams Swords of Fury Brandon Jones / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1988 Williams Swords of Fury The Pinballers
1991 Williams T2 The Pinballers
1985 Premier Tag Team Pinball Brian Davis
1993 Data East Tales from the Crypt Elevation Games
1988 Williams Taxi Tim Peterson
1992 Bally The Addams Family Ed VanderVeen
1992 Midway The Addams Family Oldies But Goodies
1992 Bally The Addams Family Fun! Auction Company
1998 Bally The Champion Pub Mike Hammer
2014 Custom The Goonies Mike Johnson
2003 Stern The Lord of the Rings Julius Zsohar
1994 Bally The Shadow John Bannister
1994 Bally The Shadow Matt Meyer
2003 Stern The Simpsons Pinball Party Thomas Rahbar
1978 Bally The Six Million Dollar Man Elevation Games
2014 Stern The Walking Dead Pinballz Arcade
2014 Stern The Walking Dead LE Ed VanderVeen
2014 Stern The Walking Dead LE Kimball’s Pinball’s
1997 Sega The X Files Trey Gilliam
1975 Williams Triple Strike Ken McCann
2011 Stern TRON Legacy Josh & Jennifer Tidmore
2011 Stern TRON Legacy LE Elevation Games
1993 Bally Twilight Zone Fun! Auction Company
1996 Sega Twister Brian Foytik
1998 Sega Viper Night Drivin’ Fun! Auction Company
1995 Williams Who Dunnit Oldies But Goodies
1994 Williams World Cup Soccer ’94 Oldies But Goodies
1994 Williams World Cup Soccer ’94 Cody Bain / ArkLaTex Pinball Club
1994 Williams World Cup Soccer ’94 Dayvv Brooks – 1984/QCP/OPS
2015 Stern Wrestlemania LE Chris Stachiw
2015 Stern Wrestlemania LE Lucas DeWoody
2012 Stern X-Men Jon Dozier – 1984/QCP/OPS
2012 Stern X-Men Wolverine LE Kimball’s Pinball’s
1980 Bally Xenon Jim Burrill

Classic Arcades

Year Manufacturer Title Exhibitor
1979 Atari Asteroids Versus Gameplay Arcade
1981 Sega/Gremlin Astro Blaster Versus Gameplay Arcade
1994 Rare Coin Games Battletoads Trey Gilliam
1980 Atari Centipede Versus Gameplay Arcade
1980 Williams Defender Versus Gameplay Arcade
1981 Midway Galaga San Antonio Audio Visual
1983 Centuri Gyruss Versus Gameplay Arcade
1998 Capcom Marvel vs. Capcom Clinton Lynch
1980 Atari Missile Command Versus Gameplay Arcade
1981 Midway Ms. Pac-Man San Antonio Audio Visual
1980 Midway Omega Race Eugene Marsh – 1984/QCP/OPS
1980 Centuri Phoenix Versus Gameplay Arcade
1982 Nintendo Popeye Pinball Side Mirrors
1998 Gaelco Radikal Bikers Pinball Side Mirrors
1990 Seibu Rai Den Shaun Kelley
1980 Midway Space Invaders Deluxe Versus Gameplay Arcade
2003 TeamPlay Star Trek: Voyager Zitt
1986 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. B. Flagg
1988 Atari Tetris (cocktail) Versus Gameplay Arcade
1980 Midway Wizard of Wor Versus Gameplay Arcade

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