Check out our venue!

The Texas Pinball Festival loves the Embassy Suites Dallas – Frisco Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco, TX! We came here in 2014 and we intend to stay!

Embassy Suites Dallas – Frisco Hotel and Convention Center
7600 John Q Hammons Dr., Frisco, TX 75034

The gorgeous venue is located just 25 minutes from DFW Airport and 15 minutes from Dallas Love Field. TPF will be housed in the 40,000 square foot Convention Center just a short walk from the lobby.

The Embassy Suites Hotel is a 4 diamond hotel and spa that offers convenient access to a variety of restaurants, bars and shopping venues, including the Stonebriar Mall just across the street. The suites include complimentary breakfast. The hotel offers a fitness center, indoor pool, the Spa Botanica, and the Cypress Grille on site.

If you aren’t able to get a room at the venue proper, there are still excellent nearby options. Whatever hotel you choose to stay out, remember to request a room in our block. We negotiate special pricing for our guests, and the more people TPF brings to the Frisco market, the more seriously they take our “little show”.

The hotels listed to the right are your alternate lodging options. Regardless of where you stay while you’re with us, check out the greatness that is the home of the Texas Pinball Festival.


area map

We have a large block of rooms for our guests to take advantage of, but they sell out fast. 


Embassy Suites
(972) 712-7200
7600 John Q Hammons Dr.
Frisco, TX 75034
TPF Rate Code: PBF

Hilton Garden Inn
(469) 362-8485
7550 Gaylord Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034
TPF Rate Code: PIN18

More to come.

– area map –

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