Texas Pinball Festival 2005


 2005 Texas Pinball Festival Tournament Winners

Wizard Tournament – NASCAR
Top Qualifier – Jim Belsito $100
1st Place Jim Belsito $642.50 & Trophy
2nd Place Robert Byers $150 & Trophy
3rd Place Trent Augenstine $75 & Trophy

Classic Video Game Tournament – Donkey Kong
1st Place Andy Rosa Trophy & Donkey Kong Arcade Game
2nd Place Dwayne Richards $75 & Trophy
3rd Place Chris Brooks $50 & Trophy

Draw Your Partner (Team)
Trent Augenstine
Dustin Johnston

Parent-Child Tournament
1st Eric & Jeff Fisher (Center)
2nd Richard & Colleen Powell (Left)
3rd Frank & Alan Carr (right)

Kids Tournament
1st Scott Riegel (Center)
2nd Megan Smith (Right)
3rd Linley Ward (Left)

Flippers Tournament (Team)
Chris Newsom & Brian Dominy

Monster Bash Tournament
1st Andy Rosa
Highest Score on Scared Stiff

Electro-Mechanical Tournament
1st Kevin Dreyling (Left)
2nd Trent Augenstine (Center)
3rd Frank Carr (Right)

Best of Show Winners

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Red Cross Raffle Winner

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Other Photos

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