Texas Pinball Festival 2008

Note from the organizers

Texas Pinball Festival Organizers

Back Row: Ed VanderVeen, Shannon Smith, Eric Debrecht, Ken Kemp
Front Row: Craig Hassell, Paul McKinney, Mike

2008 Texas Pinball Festival Tournament Winners

State Championship – Wheel of Fortune
Top Qualifier: Jim Belsito $100
1st Place: Josh Sharpe
2nd Place: Trent Augustine
3rd Place: Robert Byers

Classic Pinball Winners
1st Place: Brian Bannon
2nd Place: Robert Byers
3rd Place: KOZ

Electro-Mechanical Winners
1st Place: Don Brownback
2nd Place: Cody Chunn
3rd Place: Shane Place

Draw Your Partner Winners
1st Place: Diane Gonzales & Robert Zoboski

Kids Bump ‘n’ Win Winners
1st Place: Joshua Henderson
2nd Place: Turner Loflin
3rd Place: Jack Pucz

1st place: Carey & Fishman

2nd place: Craig & Andrew Hassell

3rd place: Name & Name

Parent-Child Winners

Best of Show Winners

Grand Champion
Bally Flash Gordon
Owner: Keith Holbrook
Awarded $150 Cash + Ribbon

Best Original
Capcom Airborne
Owner: Bob Whitley
Awarded $100 Cash + Ribbon

Best Electro-Mechanical
Gottlieb Humpty Dumpty
Owner: Bob Whitley

Best Classic Stern
Stern Seawitch
Owner: Craig Hassell

Best 2000’s
Stern Simpsons Pinball Party
Owner: Cody Chunn

Best 1990’s
Owner: Keller Pinball Restoration

Best 1980’s
Wiliams Banzai Run
Owner: Kim Keist

Best 1970’s
Bally KISS
Owner: Michael Hawthorne

Best Custom
Bally Attack From Mars
Owner: Tim Baleck

Red Cross Raffle Winner

Scott Martin
Judge Dredd

Other Photos

For more pictures of the 2008 Texas Pinball Festival, visit Pinball Rebel.

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