Texas Pinball Festival 2009


2009 Texas Pinball Festival Tournament Winners

State Championship A Division – CSI
1st Place: Donavan Stepp
2nd Place: Don Brownback
3rd Place: Bowen Kerins

State Championship B Division – CSI
1st Place: Derek Fugate
2nd Place: Dean Grover
3rd Place: Joshua Henderson

E/M Winners – A Division
1st Place: Trent Augustine
2nd Place: Todd MacCullough
3rd Place: Kevin McCarthy

E/M Winners – B┬áDivision
1st Place: Jeff Rank
2nd Place: Mike Ostradick
3rd Place: Joe Maier

Kids Bump ‘n’ Win Winners
1st Place: Joshua Henderson
2nd Place: Escher Lefkoff
3rd Place: Jack Pace

Draw Your Partner Winners
Julie Gray & Ben Woodson

Parent-Child Winners
1st place: Adam & Escher Lefkoff
2nd place: Shane & Lilly Pace
3rd place: Justin & Jason Richards

Classic Winners – A Division
1st place – Bob Mathews
2nd place – Brian Dominy
3rd place – Mark Gunter

Classic Winners – B Division
1st place – Dean Grover
2nd place – Don Brownback
3rd place – Shane Pace

Best of Show Winners

Red Cross Raffle Winner

Sean Auger
NBA Fastbreaker

Other Photos

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Texas Pinball Festival from Texas Pinball on Vimeo.