Texas Pinball Festival 2010

As usual… we, the organizers, have a word for you. But I’ll let you decide what the word is…

We had a great time at this year’s show and we hope you did too!

2010 Texas Pinball Festival Tournament Winners

State Championship A Division – Spiderman
1st Place: Donavan Stepp
2nd Place: Martin Ayub
3rd Place: Greg Davis

State Championship B Division – Spider Man
1st Place: Ken Kemp
2nd Place: John Greatwich
3rd Place: Steve Trujillo

E-M Winners – A Division
1st Place: Robert Gagno
2nd Place: Derek Fugate
3rd Place: Mark Beardsley

Electro-Mechanical Winners
B – Division
1st Place: Name
2nd Place: Name
3rd Place: Name

Kids Bump ‘n’ Win Winners
1st Place: Joshua Henderson
2nd Place: Escher Lefkoff
3rd Place: Jack Pace

Draw Your Partner Winners
Derek Fugate & Bill Bloodworth

1st place: Name & Name
2nd place: Name & Name
3rd place: Craig & Andrew Hassell
Parent-Child Winners

Classic Winners – A Division
1st Place: Donavan Stepp
2nd Place: Adam Lefkoff
3rd Place: Martin Ayub

Classic Winners – B Division
1st Place: Chris Compton
2nd Place: Keith Shahan
3rd Place: Grant Mortenson

Best of Show Winners

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Red Cross Raffle Winner

2010 TPF Raffle Winners

Carey Fishman and Family
Party Zone

Other Photos

For more pictures of the 2010 Texas Pinball Festival, visit Pinball Rebel.

Show Video

TexasPinball 2010 from Texas Pinball on Vimeo.