Texas Pinball Festival 2011

Texas Pinball Festival Organizers

On behalf of all of us organizing the Texas Pinball Festival, Thank you for continued support and helping keep pinball alive!

Texas Pinball Festival Organizers

Back Row: Ed VanderVeen, Eric Debrecht, Ken Kemp
Front Row: Craig Hassell, Paul McKinney, Shannon Smith

2011 Texas Pinball Festival Tournament Winners

State Championship A Division
(Rolling Stones)
Top Qualifier: Michael Nelson $100
1st Place: Andy Rosa
2nd Place: Donavan Stepp
3rd Place: Martin Ayub

State Championship B Division
(Rolling Stones)
1st Place: John Greatwich
2nd Place: Ken Kemp
3rd Place: Dan Gutchess

Electro-Mechanical Winners
A – Division
1st place: Dean Grover
2nd place: Dan Gutchess
3rd place: Eric Fisher

Electro-Mechanical Winners
B – Division
1st place: Benjamin Liggett
2nd place: Blake Stewart
3rd place: Conner Briggs

Kids Bump ‘n’ Win Winners
1st place: Andrew Rosa II
2nd place: Escher Lefkoff
3rd place: Timothy Street

Draw Your Partner Winners
1st place: Adam Lefkoff & Andy Choate
2nd place: Ken Kemp & Alex Updike
3rd place: Don Brownback & Mark Gunter

Modern Winners
1st place: Andy Rosa
2nd place: Donovan Stepp
3rd place: Tony Macevicius

Modern Winners
1st place: Marcus Trevino
2nd place: Clyde Bellinger
3rd place: Eric Fisher

1st place: Andrew & Andy Rosa

2nd place: Ken & Austin Kemp

3rd place: Tony & Dakota Robin

Parent-Child Winners

Best of Show Winners

Red Cross Raffle Winner

We donated $1,800 to the American Red Cross this year!

Nick Heinerikson - Monopoly


Other Photos

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